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religion, help

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I've done the reading in textbooks and the web sites that were provided for me by the teacher and by tutors. The problem is I am not comprehending what makes up the hinduism relgion?
can someone explain it to me please. I keep reading over and over and I still don't get it. Its not that dumb or anything I just don't understand.
If you read this carefully, it is clear that there is no one central belief system for Hinduism ("a conglomerate of diverse beliefs and traditions"). It is a collection of beliefs developed over a very long period of time.
Similar to the above.

So if you are looking for a single, easily explainable concept, it won't happen. This religion (if that's even an accurate term) is so old and consists of so many different ideas that the complexity makes it difficult for outsiders to comprehend.

Don't beat yourself up over this. Just read what you have been given, including these two sites and the ones you were given before by Bobpursley, and then write up what you do understand.

If you want to post your write-up, someone here will be happy to give you feedback to the best of our abilities.


Well because i was looking for the actual one answer now that you say that there isn't one then what would the teacher asks about what makes up the hindu religion. yes i will post up my essay for editing. but then what would be somthing that the teacher wants to hear of what makes up the hindu religion.because i just can't say there isn't a specific answer for it only believes.

thank you mswriteacher and bobpursly . its just me that i don't understand i guess its just difficult i don't know why....

You might want to include some reasoning why hindu is more of a life style /outlook than religion. Your teacher may not know that.

what makes up religion

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