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How would you synthesize each of the following?
a. 1,2-dibromopropane from propene
b. acetone (2-propanone) from an alcohol
c. tert-butyl alcohol (2 methyl-2-propanol)from an alkene
d. propanoic acid from an alcohol

How would you synthesize the following esters?
a. n-octylacetate

the double bond of oxygen is suppose to be over the carbon 3rd to last.

a. Can't you simply add Br2 to the double bond.?

b. Oxidation of a secondary alcohol yields a ketone.
R2CHOH + K2Cr2O7==> R2C=O

c. Alkene + HOH to the double bond with 63% H2SO4. Start with Isobutylene [2-methyl butene (I think I named that right)] and treat with 63% H2SO4 to yield tert-butyl hydrogen sulfate, add water and heat to form the tert-butyl alcohol.

d. Oxidation of a primary alcohol with permanganate produces the acid.

a.& b.
Esters are made by adding and acid to an alcohol. Acetic acid + n-octyl alcohol yields the n-octylacetate.

I can't tell where the ester is but add an acid to an alcohol.
I hope this helpsl a little. Check my thinking.

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