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I need the steps and an example for chaning a fraction to a percent.

I also need the steps and an example for chaning a decimal to a percent.

The last one I need is chaning a percent to a fraction and a decimal.

Thank-You, If you can only answer one of them that would be great.

P.S. I need this by tomorrow! lol

This site explains how to do these problems.

ms.sue gave an excellent website for you she gave this one for me at some point and sure helps a lot.

thanks ms sue

Okay I just learned about this today. I can help you with changing a fraction to a percent. A good example is 3/4. You multiply the numerater into the denominater. Add a decimal point to the 3 and 3 zeros afterwards. When you divid completly you should get 75. You just take the digits and add a percent sign to the end. Now if you have more then 2 digits in your anwser. like 345 is your anwser.You would have it like this in the first place .345 move the decimal over 2 places t the left. so its 34.5...then your anwser would be 34.5% Hope that helps.

for changing a decimal to a percent I can't help you I'm sorry.

i cna't help with changing a percent to a decimal or fraction either.. Sorry for my limited survices.

I Need help with some homework. The ? is:

Express each percent or fraction as a decimal:

Mixed number. 1 and a half.
PLEASE help me!!!!!!

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