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How did the Treaty of Versailles change Europe and effect Germany in particular?
This treaty affected Germany specifically transformed Europe and. First, Germany has been at fault for World War I, Germany was forced to sign the treaty, Germans had to pay a large amount of money to the Allies for all the damages they committed (33 billion dollars), and Allies took over10 percent of Germanys territory. Europe was tremendously affected by the Treaty of Versailles because it caused more problems, the up rise of Hitler.

Your first sentence makes no sense.

The second sentence: "at fault" or "loser". The last sentence is trite.

The effect I see on the Treaty is this: That the treaty did not prevent Germany from becoming a power again, as it did. Secondly, the treaty did cause economic hardship and instability in Germany, making Europe a bastion of probable conflict in the future. This treaty was an ending of one war, but nurtured the beginnings of the next.

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