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When Amy's grandmother did die it would
be appropriate for her mother to:

A. say,"Grandma was very sick but now
she's gone. We aren't going to cry
about it anymore."

B. say,"I know you are sad. So am I.
We will miss Grandma,but I am glad
she isn't sick anymore."

C. hold Amy,cry, and question why she
had to die.

D. withdraw from Amy and not answer her
questions because it is too painful
to discuss it.

I am thinking "B" would be the better
answer. Can you give me some input,

One needs to be honest with kids as best they can understand it, be empathetic and look to a positive. B seems to the best in this.

I agree, B seems to be the best answer. It is a fact of life and needs to be answered for the childs sake. It also shows the child that it is ok to be sad, but you have to move on in life.

I think B is the correct answer. I agree with Bobpursley and Russell!

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