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how would i find an equation of a line that goes through points(1,6) and (3,10)??

A straight line is
Substitute the points to make two equations.
Two equations; two unknowns, m and b.
Solve for m and b, then plug back into y = mx + b. That will the the equation for the straight line.

i don't understand?

You know how to solve two equations simultaneously. There are two unknowns, m and b. Solve them for m and b, list the values here and I will show you how to construct the equation for the line. Here are the two equations from above.
eqn 1: 6=m(1)+b
eqn 2: 10=m(3)+b

To start you in the right directin, here is what you do to solve the equations.
1. Multiply eqn 1 by -1
2. Add the result + eqn 2.
3. That will eliminate b. solve for m.
4. Plug m back into either equation and solve for b.
5. Post values for m and b and I shall show you how to write the equation for the line that passes through those points.


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