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can you explain to me the following problem , ms.sue and others are trying to help me but they are making me more confuse. Is there any short cuts to the following problem.

Directions:multiply and write the answer in simplest form.

4/12 times 10/4

first, you have to multiply the top numbers (4 x 10 = 40), then the bottom numbers (12 x 4 = 48). the top numbers' prduct is put on the top of a new fraction, and the bottom numbers' product is put on the bottom of it. so, you have 40/48. then, you have to keep dividing both top and bottom numbers by the same number top simplify the fraction. so, you could divide it by 4, giving you 10/12. this can still be simplified further, so you divide both top and bottom by 2, giving you 5/6. that is your final answer. :)

thank you for your help.

hayley has done a good job of explaining it.

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