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If 450 kilowatts of electric used cost 25.32, then how much would 240 kilowatts of electric cost?

first find how much one kilowatt costs.

so divide 450 kilowatts/$25.32 and you get your answer.

then take that answer and multiply to get the cost of 240 kilowatts.

I think we need to rethink this problem. If I divide 450/25.32 then multiply by 240 kw I get over $4,000. Shouldn't the cost of 240 kw be LESS THAN the cost of 450 kw; i.e., should't the cost of 240 kw be less than $25.32?

How abour 25.32/450 kw = cost of 1 kw.
And that times 240 kw or
(25.32/450)*240 = ?? cost of 240 kw.

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