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Art Ideas?

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I am suppose to do a carboard-cut out sculpture, as a piece to decide whether I go on a art conference or not. The theme is "reaching higher" I have thought of start hanging down...and a large filstrip with hand reaching higher and higher...eventually one would grab the stars....
not sure- what to you think about it? And any other ideas?

What about a rope with various art forms at different levels ( film, paint brush, pot, building, etc.) and hands reaching toward them. Maybe a star at the top off the fingertip of a hand.

I'm a bit confused as to what you are saying... Also I can only use carboard...and paint (of course glue and stuff like that) but nothing else

A cardboard rope... twisted
Card board paintbrush, pot, film, hands etc. glued at various angles onto the rope...suspend the rope from the star... at the top of the rope you can put the star. This would make the whole thing 3 dimensional and mobile.

I like your idea a lot.

You could also just make a hand and fore arm sculpture and have it reaching towards the sky. If you carefully glue/paint it right, it could turn out really good.

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