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Heres the scenario: You stop at McDonald's and buy a Sausage Biscuit. Thinking about the chemical breakdown of foodstuffs, these are the questions...

1) what the main food molecule is in each part of the sandwich
2) where in the digestive tract each part of the sandwich would be chemically broken down
3) the main enzyme or secretion(s) involved

I have to answer these three questions for the biscuit, the sausage(very lean) and the butter on the biscuit

Thank you for any help you can give studying for a final and this is a study guide question

well think about what each is made out of
then think about where fats, carbohydrates, and amino acids go

biscuit--> carbohydrates
sausage-> high in protein
Butter-> fatty acids, fats

There is a breadown system for each. Example fatty acids are broken down by Beta oxidation.

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