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6(4x+3)^5(4)(3x-5)^5+ 5(3x-5)^4(3)(4X+3)^6

common factors: (4x+3)^5 (3x-5)^4

[(4x+3)^5 (3x-5)^4] [24(3x-5) + 15(4x+3)]

Take the second term, combine like terms.

f(x)=(4x+3)^6(3x-5)^5 Find the derivative.

This is what I did so far.
=6(4x+3)^5(4)(3x-5)^5+ 5(3x-5)^4(3)(4X+3)^6
=24(4X+3)^5(3x-5)^5 *[(3x-5)(15)(4x+3)]
I am not sure what to do next. Also did I do this correctly so far?

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