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A stationary arrangement of two crayon boxes and three cords. Box A has a mass of 11.0kg and is on a ramp at angle è=30.0 degrees; box B has a mass of 7.00 kg and hangs on a cord. The cord connected to Box A is parallel to the ramp which is frictionless (a) What is the tension in the upper cord, and (b) what angle does that cord make with the horizontal?

Let TA = tension force in the cord attached to block A.
TB = tension force in the cord attached to block B.
TC = tension force in the cord attached to ceiling.
ö = angle of cord attached to ceiling with the horizontal
è = angle of ramp = 30 degrees


that's what I know so far (on what equations to use for each step)

What is this Upper cord? Where is it attached?

Upper cord. I have a pic but this site but I can't because the site won't allow me to

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    106 N and 64deg.

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