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First, go through and make sure capital letters are used in all the correct places.

Second, make sure you have a space after every period and comma.

Third, check to make sure all sentences are complete sentences.

Fourth, write a conclusion.

Then re-post, and someone here will give you more feedback.


Beware of the fact,I proceed to find out what are my nonverbal listenting patterns.To do so, I prepared a 500 speech to be presented in less than half an hour to a small group of my chruch. In order to obtain feedback, I previously asked them to gauge my actuation. Finally, i discoved and confirmed by my attendence that I was nervous;my face perspired, my hands quiered and i was about to loose my concentration. In addition, I repeated some words like leitimoti: Eh, well,and I know. Thepeople told me that I repeated some of them more than ten times.Moreover, I realized that i skipped an important paragraph, so the whole message did not reach my audience, even they let know how they understand pretty well improtant my speech

Once arrived at home, I made an introspection and anaylized my speech performance.I concluded. that I had a lot to improve if I wanted to be a good speaker.

So, I decided to undertake the following steps to overcome the bad habits due to my nervousness and to improve them. I have to perpare myself before, during and after my presentation( if there is time for questions )
First of all, I decided to take my time to prepare well my presentation. I believe in the fact that, according to Boileau, the French writer, what we concieve well will be enunciated clearly and the spirit to tell it will arrive easily. By the same token, we cannot give what we do not have; we cannot say well what we do no know well. So, i have to master first my subject before the presentation to my public. After preparing the material, I need to try to understand it and read it aloud alone several times. I can record my voice while simulating the presentation and listen to my own presentation after. Also, I can simulate a presentation in front of my friends or my parents or look at me showing off in front of a mirror, all of this with the purpose of improving my expression, my voice, my diction, my pitch, among o\others.
Second, before the presentation, I have to sleep well. Also, I do not have tolet me break down by the fear.

third, I have to conceive and practice faithfully the followin aspects;
1. a good technique to ovetcome the fear to talk in public in to concentrate oneself and breathe deeply serveral times for a while. This type oe execise facilitates a better blood circulation.
2. Another great and proven technique that can help a lot is the eye contact. When you will first address yourself to the public, spend some few seconds to see your pusblic, to break the ice by inviting everybody to not stay far behind, to come neare you. by doing so, not only you establish more confience, but also you gain self-confidence. the idea is: I am the Teacher, I am the one who will give, will demonstrate, will guide: I am in control of everything.
But to be n real control of the situation, the speaker should delve about the theme. He or she must master it very well in order to able to delive it normaly.
3. to master the subject requires stime, sacrifice, rehearsal, and practice. Also, simulation, prior role-playing can be necessary.
4. the speaker can use the technological techniques such as audiotape, videotape, computer or perhaps a simpler method; mirror observation, to beat the fear.\5. Finally, but not the least, the person has to sleep well prior tothe meeting. It is not advisable to loose the whole night preparing the speech; there is a risk to not be able to deliver it as planned.
by doing all of the above, the speaker can avoid the bad body lingual signals such as: body and voice tempering, repeating words or sentences, wandering away from the subject, sweating, or even clasping hands in from of the body.

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