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American Politics

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A few questions that I can't find answers to in the book:

How does the Constitution attempt to keep [federal] judges independent and removed from politics?

What role does the U.S. attorney play in the federal judicial system?

Amy :)

The Federal justices are appointed by the President and must be accepted by the Congress. The term of office is for life. Therefore, they are (MOSTLY) not influenced by politics.
Of course, the President will choose people who are in agreement with his political philosophy; however, the check/balance of the Congressional approval is there.

This site will give you info on the US Attorney General's office.

Thank you so much!

Federal judges are appointed for life which keeps them independent and removed from politics. Once they're appointed by the President (with the approval of the Senate), they are free to rule on cases as their consciences and interpretations of the Constitution dictates. They can only be released from office by severe misbehavior or resignation.

"United States Attorneys represent the U.S. federal government in United States district court and United States court of appeals."

Thank you, too!

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