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Is this the correct way to solve these math problems and are the answers correct.

Directions:Solve the following applications.
Science. Jose rode his trail bike for 10miles. Two-thirds of the distance was over a mountain trail. How long is tehe mountain trail?

2/3 (x)10= 6 and 2/3 or 6.666666666667

Statistics. IN a weekend baseball tournament, Joel ha 4hits in 13times at bat. THat is , he hit safely 4/13 of the time. Write the decimal equivalent for Joel's hitting , round to the three decimal places.(that number is Joels batting average.

4divided by 13 = .307 or 3.07

I'm not Bob Pursley but I can answer your question. 6&2/3 is correct. If I changed that to a decimal, I would round it off at 6.67 miles.

For the batting average, when I divided 4/13, I obtained 0.30769. The instructions are to round to three places; therefore, I would round to 0.308.

Thank you for your help

Can someone show me how to work this problem. It is stressing me out how you came up with the answer. The one about the mountain trail bike?

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