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They may want you to add the fractions and give the answer in forms of a fraction. in that case, you need to convert to common denominators before addineg. In that case
1/3 + 1/5 + 1/10 = (10 + 6 + 3) /30
= 19/30

5/6 - 3/5 = (25 - 18)/30 = 7/30
You answer to that one is far off.

8/9 / 11/15 = 8/9 x 15/11 = 40/33 which your answer reduced to lowest terms

Can someone show me How do I solve these math problems.I tried them but i'm not sure if I am correct.

Directions is to add.
1/3 + 1/5 + 1/10= I get .633333333333

Directions is to Subtract.

5/6 - 3/5 = I get .222222222222

Directions. Divide.Write each result in simplest form.

8/9 by 11/15 = I get the following:
8/9 by 15/11 = 120/99

I understand how you came about to these answers.what do you mean by 10+3+6 on the first one?

and how did you get 25-18 on the second one?

and on the third one do mean that the reduce of 120/99 is 40/33.

1/3 = 10/30
1/5 = 6/30
1/10 = 3/30

Each fraction is turned into an equivalent fraction of the same base and then the addition is easy.
Same idea for second one

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