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Find probability of getting outcome of heads and a five when a coin is tossed and a single die is rolled.

.50 for coin toss
.17 for die

Poll confidence level. Common for public opinion polls to have confidence level of 95%.If 5 different organizations conduct polls, what's the probability all five are accurate with margin of error.

In the 105th Congress, senate consists of 55 Republicans and 45 Democrates. If committee formed, randomlly selected 4 different senators, what's the probability of selecting all Republicans?

Southwest Airlines best rate with 80% arriving on time. A test was conducted selecting 15 Southwest flight and observing if arrive on time.

a. Find probability that exactly 10 flights arrive on time.
b. Find probabiltity that at least 10 flights arrive on time.
c. Find probability that at least 10 flights arrive late.
d. Would it be unusual for Southwest to have 5 flights late. Why or why not?

see my post to Mary above.


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