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social studies

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what are the qualities of a good socialstudies? HOW ARE The textbook used by the teacher?

Opinions vary. And it depends on the course, and the age of the students, and the IQ level of the students (AP, regular, or less).
My own use of texts has a history tending to not use the darn things. They are so full of pablum and fluff they have little value. My use tends to use texts as student resources, mostly supplemental to class work. My students were for the most part gifted kids.
If I were a Middle School teacher, with average kids, I probably would use the text perception is that those kids do not have greatly developed listening and attention skills, and need structure in learning.
So it varies, there can be no single rule on this.
I taught Math and Science to bright teens.
Other teachers familiar with the social studies areas will have differing opinions. Remember the nature of the students and the availability of other resources have a big impact on teaching style and use of texts.

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