Its not English, but its GENERAL STUDIES

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Write half page for each topic.
What do you feel about? or something you wish to know or learned ? in college about?
1. Test preperation.
2. Faculty expectaton.

I am uncertain what you want here. We will be happy to critique your writing.

What do you feel about -
Choose something you feel very strongly about...(ideas) classes separated boys and girls, stronger environmental controls, PE should be required. Then state your proposition; give a brief history of the problem; explain how you think the change could be accomplished;as a conclusion what positive results would occur.

Something you want to learn?
What have you always had an itch to know but have never had the opportunity to find out.
Maybe you have always wanted to learn how to fix a car; maybe it is rock climbing; it might even be writing music. Write about why you want to know ; what you might do with that information, and how it might change your life.

Please make sure you post a question only once.

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