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Can someone show me steps please?

You look up the conversion factor. There are two ways it can look; i.e.,
2 cups = 1 pint OR
1 pint = 2 cups.

Here is the way to do ALL conversions.
??pts = what you are given x conversion factor.

??pts = 6 cups x factor. So how do we know which factor to use? We use the one that makes the units come out right. I will use both to show you what I mean.

??pts = 6 cups x (2 cups/1 pt)= 12 cups2/pint. Is this what we wanted? Of course not. We want the answer to be in pints and not this funny unit of cups squared/pint. So lets try the other way.

??pts = 6 cups x (1 pint/2cups) = 3 pints. Notice how the unit of cups cancels (one in the numerator with 6 and the other one in the denominator with 2). So cups is no more. What does that leave in the numerator? Pints. So the answer is 3 and the unit is pints. Actually you need not work every problem like this to see which is correct; i.e., with a little practice you see mentally which way to write the factor. When you finish writing it and before you write the answer, take a quick look at what you have written to see if the units you don't want to keep will cancel and the unit you want to keep stays for the answer. I hope this helps.

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