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Math Help plz!!! Really need help.

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Use the Systematic Trial to solve this problem.

Peanut-Pecan Problem

Peanuts sell at $5/kg and pecans sell at $20/kg. Marika wants to make 30kg of a mixture of peanuts and pecans that will s ell at $10/kg/ How many kilograms of peanuts and pecans should she use?

Help plz. Plz explain how you got the answer.

Let x = kg peanuts
y = kg pecans
equation 1. x + y = 30
equation 2. $5x + $20y =$10*30
Solve the two equations for x and y. Post your work if you get stuck and need further assistance.

I don't get it why did you need help for that easy pesey problem?

evryone is at different stages, what is easy for you is new to others

  • Math Help plz!!! Really need help. -

    ->Let x represent the mass of peanuts
    ->Mass of pecans:30-x
    ->The Value of peauts:5x
    ->Value of pecans:20(30-x)
    Equation: 5x + 20 (30-x)= 10(30)
    *Please note a number before the bracket means tp multiply*
    5x + 600 x - 20 = 300
    ->move + 600 to the other side of the equal sign, it becomes a negative - 600.
    -> x-20 just make it a 20x
    5x - 20x = 300 - 600
    -15x = -300
    ->So negative 15 equals negative 300
    ->Next divide -15x by -15 and -300 by -15
    -15x = -300
    ----- -----
    -15 -15
    x = 20 Kg (the mass of peanuts)
    -> Mass of pecans: 30 - x whitch is 30 - 20 = 10kg

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