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What are some ways to prove that a triange is isoscles? i have to make a two column proof based on a problem.

What is the exact problem

I need help with my geometry homework. We are doing proofs and i need some help because proofs are really hard!!

def. isosceles -or- if two angles of a triangle are congruent, then the triangle is isosceles

anyone know how to prove

"n to the exponent 3 + 3n square + 2n

is devisible by 3 for all natural numbers for all n (greater than or equal to) 1 " ?

how do you prove that three different quardenants are not on the same line?

I have a homework that is due tommorow which is PROOFS !! They are 7 questions and i did only 1 and now i will give you the six other questions can u plz help me as soon as possible !!

  • Math- Geometry Proofs -

    a line through point(-5,2)and(2,y)has slope of 3.find y

  • Math- Geometry Proofs -

    i have a test tomorow and i relly need help on proofs

  • Math- Geometry Proofs -

    can u give me some problems on proofs so i could study for my math test today

  • Math- Geometry Proofs -

    an isosceles triangle is wicked easy to prove. Just prove that two of the sides are congruent to each other. What are your given equations?

  • Math- Geometry Proofs -

    Given: ray AD bisects <BAC
    <DAC=3x, and <BAD=5x-24

    Prove: x=12

    its a proof and i need help

  • Math- Geometry Proofs -

    you have to prove the two segments congruent first then prove that it is an iscoseles triangle by the definition of iscoseles triangle duh!!

  • Math- Geometry Proofs -

    a triangle is isoceles if it has congruent legs/congruent base angles... if it has one, it must have the other.

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