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need any help available on writing a report on lynching. Need help getting started. Have all kinds of research but not sure how to put it together. Need an outline too.

1. Introduction (define, very brief history)
2. Theory of Origin
3. Detailed History of Lynching in U.S.
4. History of Lynching Around the World
5. Conclusion

I assume you've taken notes on your research findings. It's usually easier to organize them if you have written them on 3 x 5 notecards -- with only one or two facts on each card. The top line should have the main topic of the facts.

Now, arrange and rearrange these cards until you have them in a logical order. Are you organizing by chronological order, importance, or some other way?

As you arrange your cards, you should devise a thesis sentence. Then you can make your outline using your thesis sentence and the facts on your notecards that support it.

I hope this has helped you organize your thoughts for your paper.

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