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1. The standard heat of formation of glucose and lactic acid are -1274.45 and -694.04 kJ/mole, respectively. The molar heat capacity of the two compounds are 218.86 and 127.6 J/(mol)K
a.) What is the total heat of reaction at 25 degree Celsius for the formation of lactic acid from glucose?
b.) What value would be estimated for the heat of the reaction proceeded at the physiological temperature of 37 degree Celsius?

How many moles of lactic acid will yield from one mole of glucose. Multply that number by the Hf lactic acid, and subtract one glucose Hf.

How about the change in the temperature? Would it cause the answers to somehow change? Isn't it that Hf depends on the temperature also?

Yes, you have to correct that according to the correction model in your text. There are several correction models, I do not know which one you have been exposed to.

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