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(should be Montessori! sorry!!)


A "prepared enviroment" in a Montessori
program features which?

1. child-size furniture and equipment
2. the accomplishment of one task before
another is started.
3. a garden area where the children can
plant flowers
4. college-educated teachers who assist
the children in every task.

I am debating between 1 or 2,I don't
know which is the correct answer.


Montesorri is based on being as unstructured as possible. Therefore, 2 and 4 don't make sense. Your choice is between 1 and 3.

This webpage is excellent for helping you determine which answer you think is correct:


In the context of Montessori, "prepared environment" means what the child needs is there, ready to be used for a learning experience. If making papermache sculptures were the order, then the child would enter with all materials at hand, and samples of the finished and in task sculptures would be at hand.

Montessori is not as unstructured as possible. Who in the world gave you that idea?

I would lean more towards #1. The child size furnature and equipment.

#2 is not part of the environment
#3 is part of a prepared environment, but is not a NECESSARY part. It's more of an extention of the environment.
#4 is not Montessori at all. The teacher is supposed to be withdrawn as much as possible from the child's activities.


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