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I need information on trustee and delegate role of congress.

that's all the info my teacher gave and i looked at wikipedia, but it doesn't help.

is there a specific site you can guide me to please

Here is what it means:

Congress is composed of senators and representatives. Those folks are elected to go to Washington to act as a trustee and a delagate.

Acting as a trustee, the person my vote on how he feels what is best for the country, and it may not be what is best for his constituents. He is serving in an office of trust, his consituents trust him/her to act in the best interests.

Acting as a delegate, the person votes as his constituents would have voted...he has been delegated their vote and he is exercising.

The Constitution as I recall does not tell Senators and Representatives which role they must play. If I were you, I would examine the Constitution and see if this is so. What does the Constitution say Congress shall do?

As BobPursley suggested, please read Article I of the Constitution to see what the role of Congress is.

Trustee manage assets for the benefit of others. Therefore, Congress's trustee role is to asses taxes and spend this money for the good of the country.

I can't add anything to Bob's answer about delegates.

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    What are the good things about being the Trustee in Congress

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