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I try to solve this problem with this formula and I can not get the right answer !

F2 = F1 ( R2/R1)

A dentist's chair with a patient in it weighs 1790 N. The output plunger of a hydraulic system begins to lift the chair, when the dentist's foot applies a force of 51.5 N to the input piston. Neglect any height difference between the plunger and the piston. What is the ratio of the radius of the plunger to the radius of the piston?

I got it !



I wish someone would have explained how to do this...

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    In a hydraulic system, piston 1 has a surface area of 100 cm2, and piston 2 has a surface area of 900 cm2. A force of 150 N is exerted on piston 1 of the hydraulic lift.

    What force will be exerted on piston 2?

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    1350 N

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