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anybody have anything i could say in a debate that's debating on the CON side of "rap music promotes racism" (i'm saying rap DOESN'T promote it)?

Try thinking up different sets of search terms and then entering them at

I tried it with non-violent rap and there were some pretty interesting results. So try it with non-racist rap, and see what happens -- and any other search terms you can think of.



I don't see racism so much (I abhor the rap word Nigger) as I see a terrible amount of sexism and violence. I wonder how preteen black girls live through the image.

The Devine forces radio show is dedacated to positive R&B and rap.

HOST: Fidel Rodriguez

EMAIL: 2012 at divineforcesorg

the w's divineforces org

DESCRIPTION: divine forces radio - the oracles of hip-hop , a critical thinking hip-hop show which focuses on de-colonizing the minds of its listeners through a peoples history of the world. dfr was developed as a way to expose youth and adults to the power of education, knowledge of self and music while focusing on the ability to create messages of hope for a new society based on truth, justice and dignity. Hosted by Fidel Rodriguez with DJ's Icy Ice of the World Famous Beat Junkies, Counterstryke of CAL Cutterz, Breeze, and the Orator. "divine forces radio" focuses on revolutionary rap music blended with interviews, news and information that seek the root of truth.

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  • debating on rap... -

    rap is the best music ever. it just is.

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