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Physics hw question mistake

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I didn't post the correct questions correctly so here they are:


I have some questions:

1. Do you think the calculated moment of inertia is larger or smaller than the true moment of inertia? Explain.

for static moment of inertia I have:.0202kgm^2
for dynamic " ":.0195 kgm^2

In this case, it's smaller but I don't know why.

2. Is the percent difference in accord with your answer to #2? Give plausible explanations/causes to account for the difference. for the percent difference I got 3.6% which is small so it does agree with #2. I am not sure why there is a difference though.

3. The wheel could replace the pulley on newton's law's 2nd law. Try to rethink an answer to the question: "If the pully has a fairly large mass, how will the result of this experiment be affected? "

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