Enlish 4 The Lord of the Flies

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in the book the lord of the flies take each conflict and turn it into one concise statement
Ralph vs. Jack
Ralp represents order and composure in society. Eventually Jack grew tired of Ralph being in charge. He let the barbarism inside of him transform into a savage-like creature and he went on a rampage, destroying the makeshift civilization the boys worked so hard to create.

Anon., What question are you asking about this book?

By the way, the conflict between Ralph and Jack is a metaphor for another conflict. <G> Check the historical context.

i just need to turn that conflict into a concise statement

ps what is a concise statement

You never specifically say what Jack represents. That would help clarify. Freud said that destruction is more emotionally satisfying than creation.
You might also include for what each of them is a metaphor. That would help. Re post your rewritten statement.

thats all it gives me
did u read the book

Oh, yes....

Here is an excellent analysis of the characters and the conflict between them. You can also check out the associated context site. http://www.sparknotes.com/lit/flies/canalysis.html

Let me know if you need further help.


Jack vs. Ralph

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