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Three bolocks are connected(mass_1 on the left connected to mass_2 with a string which is T_1. Mass_2 is connected to Mass_3 with a string, T_2. the force is holding on to T_3 which is connected to mass_3) and pulled to the right on a horizontal frictionless table by a force witha magnitude of T_3=65N. If m_1= 12 kg, m_2 =24 kg and m_3= 31 kg, what is a) acceleration of the sysem and b) tensions T_1 AND C) T_2 in the inerconnecting cords.

what is the formula I would use to find a? Is it a= F/m? for the tensions how would I find them?

I assume you are ignoring friction. If so, then acceleration=force/total mass.

Now, the tensions on each cord or spring pulling some masses is given by


The masses pulled is the mass being pulled. For instance, The string pulling mass1 and mass2 is


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