To Kill A MockingBird

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I need to design a book jacket for To Kill A MockingBird... What picture/symbol/scene should i draw???

You should find an idea in the section here called Themes, Motifs & Symbols.


a mocking bird getting killed

An appropriate theme for your book jacket can have a mockingbird but it doens't have to be killed. The mockinbird just symbolizes a creature or someone who didn't commit sin and only entertained people. They didn't cause harm as well. The mockingbird can resemble Tom or Tim Robinson (haven't read the book since last year), or any man or woman being put against racial discrimination. You can even create a drawing revealing how Scout and her brother were able to mature and open their eyes to their racial neighborhood. People aren't always what they appear to be like, and you can't always assume they have good qualities based uopn their looks.

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    Why does Scout wish her father was "a devil from hell" ?

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