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i need help....!!i need to explicite king arthur's court...can anyone help me..i am not allowed tu use the internet...i have to read description of arthur's court from sir gawain and the green knight..and write about the can anyone help me???;idno=Gawain

Here is a full-text version of "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" which you can read online or you can print out and read just like any book or story.

Once you read it, you won't have any trouble describing (I'm not sure what you mean by "explicite" -- sorry) the king's court.

If you have trouble reading the text in the above site, especially Passus I, here's a "translation" of the text. Print out and use the two side by side.


thanks..i am from teacher wrote explicite..i think it means describe or something..i've read that part about his court but i have no idea what to write..and i have to write 800 words..and i must write my own if you have any ideas i'll be thankful..

In describing the court, you'll want to include these things:

What type of room (banquet hall) and description of it? (walls, furniture, windows, decorations, fireplaces, etc.)

What people were there and descriptions of them? (names, positions or relationships to Arthur, physical descriptions if possible)

What behaviors and attitudes do you sense among the people? (words spoken, as well as actions and looks, that indicate how they felt about Arthur and other major players)

Does this help?


Is the word your teacher wrote "explicate"? Here are two detailed explanations about how to do explications:


thank i've got an idea:))

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