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Thank you for your response.
I am currently attending a community college and I'm really having a difficult time with the counselors and advisors. Because I attend only half-time,I am told I have to retake some classes, along with the fact that some requirements have changed to an even higher level than before. I am getting so disgusted that it's getting difficult to stay motivated and finish this through. I have maintained a 3.9 average, and have done the prerequisites for speech, writing, and most of the math classes...-- My problem is,.. that in the beginning when I started at this school, I was told that classes in the "Women's Program" would fulfill the Human Relations requirement. This was common knowledge! Not only do they not except those classes now, they are also telling me that I have to take an additional "two" lower level math classes (because it is part of the requirements for the class) just to get into my program. In response to your response, it has gotten down to choosing a career that I am capable of learning in the shortest time possible------that pays well,too!! I'm really discouraged!I have loans I have to pay

You should never make an important decision when you are wrought by emotion. Get some independent professional advice.
Here is what I suggest:
1) Speak to the Dean of your school.
2) Find the school's career counselor, not academic counselor.
I appreciate your predicament. But you don't want to intentionally dig yourself another deeper hole by making a wrong decision. Good luck.

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