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technology paper

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i have to write a ten page paper for my technology class on a technology that was developed in the last ten years. it can not be an innovation (such as hi-def tv, or cell phones) ive tried gps, artificial hearts, the internet, but none of them worked, i need help finding a topic.

What do you mean by you have tried gps, artificial hearts, the Internet but none of them worke? Do you mean you are not allowed to use those topics or you have had trouble finding material for them?

they don't work because the technology for them is too old, i need something that has emerged in the last ten years

What about the robot vacuum cleaner?

Two definitely new technologies, both developed in the last ten years that deal with vision.
1. tissue transplants to the eye that allow the blind limited vision. I don't know the details but it was first reported about six months ago.
2. trabeculoplasty, a non-surgical procedure in which a laser beam is used to clean the "drainage ducts" in the eye. There was an older laser treatment using an argon laser that burned holes and left scar tissue in and on the drainage canals. And there were risks involved. A different laser procedure (selective laser trabeculosty or SLT) was licensed by the FDA in 2001 and is an alternative to surgery and/or the use of eye drops to control glaucoma. I understand there are no risks and it may be repeated later if needed. I had that done about a year ago. The pressure in my eye is now within normal limits and I do not require drops. Unfortunately, I lost a good part of my vision before I had that done but the ophthalmologist tells me that my vision won't get better but neither will it get worse.
Good luck.

A third one, triggered by Bob Pursley's suggestion, is the remote lawn mower. I don't know if that is more than ten years old or not.

Good luck.

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