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How do you find out if 0.02 is less or more than 1/4?

Aswan,Egypt is the driest inhabited place in the world.The average annual rain fall is 0.02 inch.Is this more or less than 1/4 inch per year? How do you solve this problem/

The average rain fall is 0.02 inch/year.
1/4 inch per year is the same as 0.25 inch per year (that is, 1/4 as a fraction is 0.25 as a decimal). You must decide if 0.02 is more or less than 0.25. I hope this helps.

Do you know how to convert 1/4 to a decimal of 0.25? You divide 1 by 4 and you will get 0.25 on a calculator.

Thanks i get it now and sorry about the duplicate posts. First time.

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