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What is the primary objective of a good manager?

I would say either to transmit orders or to make decisions.. ??

Business organizations that are run by women are more likely to:
a. Grow quickly
b. Take financial risks
c. place less emphasis on who is in charge
d. or all of the above
I don't think it's B. I don't think women are more likely to take financial risks. That means it can't be D. I don't know why the business would be more likely to grow quickly just because it is run by women. Therefore, I think that business organizations run by women (c) place less emphasis on who is in charge, but I am not sure.

I just found an article saying:
The number of women-owned businesses, many of them one-person enterprises, grew at twice the national rate for all private companies from 1997 to 2002.

So I think it is A businesses run by women are more likely to grow quickly.

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