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I was given a list of terms and supposed to match them up to the description, but I got confused because I ended up using middle managers twice. I think you are only allowed to use each term once.

The descriptions are:

Managers who carry out the decisions of top management.

Plant managers, regional managers, and department heads are examples of this type of manager.

So I got middle managers on both of those because I read both of them word for word out of the text book. The only word that was left out was top-level managers. The first description does have "top management" in it, yet I did read both of these descriptions in the book and they were word for word middle managers, but I guess it is either one or the other. So which one do you think is top-level managers and which one do you think is middle managers?

Plant managers, regional managers, and department heads are examples of this type of manager.

Given the options, this definition must describe top-level management. They are at the top level of management.

Frankly, in most businesses, Plant managers, regional managers, department head are top management. Middle managers work for them.

Middle managers carry out the decisions of top management.

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    CheckPoint: Four Functions of Management:

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