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Social studies- Economic Development & Interdepend

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I am given the topic- Third World Debt Repayment. I am supposed to be both speaker A and speaker B; speaker A gives positive comments for the topic and speaker B gives the negative aspects of the topic. So far I was only able to give the negative aspects of Third World Debt Repayment. I have read over the text a copious amount of times and the only thing positive I can come up with is that developing countries were able to industrialize themseleves for a bit, however this ahs put them in debt in the first place. If anyone has any suggestions it would be grealy appreciated.

Economically, the world benefits when all countries produce and consume goods. Underdeveloped (third world) countries are so poor that they can't afford to buy products made in other countries. If we forgave their debts, perhaps, they'd be able to develop their own industries and then buy products from other countries.

There's also the humanitarian and moral point of view. By forgiving these debts, money is freed up to help individuals create small businesses and begin to become independent.

okay well i am supposed to explain some postive aspects of third world debt.....but thanks for your help

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