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Is this a good topic?
Dinosuars and birds: Are they related?

Are you to write a paper? Build a model? Give an oral report? Have you been given any instructions?

I am to write a paper.

There is a lot of information available about dinosaurs. There is a lot of information available about birds, too, but birds and dinosaurs are not related unless you want to write about some of the old-age flying specimens that were alive in the dinosaur era. You don't mention the length of the paper but writing about dinosaurs, in general, may be too large a subject. You might want to narrow the focus a little and write about speific dinosaurs. Talk to your librarian and ask her/him to recommend journals and other publications you can use for your research. I hope this helps you get started. Good luck.

Yes. I think it would be a good topic. Most scientists agree that birds are descendants of some of the dinosaurs. For more information, check these sites.

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Thank you very much.

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