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Question:The number of students on the football team is two more than three times the number of students on the basketball team. If the basketball team has Y students, write a variable expression for the number of students on the football team.

Ok, I get the answer to a)is, 3y +2, but the others are already an expression, so I don't know how to do b),c) and d). Please help!

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The problem is asking you to pick the expression that will solve the problem. I'm not sure what you mean when you say "the answer to a)is, 3y+2" because a) says 3y.

Does that help any?

So, according to what you say, then the answer is C)2+3y, correct? What I was saying about the answer to a) being 3y +2 is because I thought they were saying to solve all of them based on the info given in paragraph form a), b), c) and d), but what you are saying makes so much more sense. Thank you, M

These are possable answers, not separate calculations.
You are correct in your mathmatical expression of the sentence.Excepting that you have the +2 after the 3y your answer is there.

Said another way:
the a), b), c) and d) are the multiple choice answers you have for the only problem you posted. The correct answer is 2 + 3y; therefore, you picked answer c correctly. The other answers don't fit this problem (they are incorrect choices you could have picked--and been wrong), therefore, they are of no concern at this point.

Yes, the answer is c.

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