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The color of a bright red apple is/an:

1.intense,physical stimulation of light
2.transduction of the intensity of light
3.psychological property of sensual
experience and exists only in the
4.physical property present in the apple itself

I am thinking the correct answer is number 2. WHAT DO YOU THINK?


I think 4 sounds much closer to where the color comes from.

are you sure the correct answer is number 4?

I have never taken psychology but i think it is number three. I don't really know for sure though

The apple appears red, because it absorbs other wavelengths of visible light and reflects the red wavelengths. That would be 4.

However, it is hard to tell if the question is more concerned with the "bright" or the "red" quality of the apple. Brightness would involve the physical intensity and its transduction via the cones in the eyes (1 and 2).

To define the quality of the apple image as "bright red" requires a learned response, which can be considered psychological. Perception is the interpretation of sensed energy changes, so I would choose 3. Even so, from the way the question is phrased, I am not absolutely sure.

I hope this helps a little more. Thanksfor asking.

the experience of red requires a mind which defines it as such. #3

we spend most of our lives

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