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what kind of story, or genre, is the scarlet letter classified as?

a. romantic comedy
b. psychological romance
c. action/adventure
d. satire

It's B right?

I agree with you totally.

I would have preferred historical romance, if the choice was offered. Historical fiction would be really my first choice, but Hawthorne himself called it a romance story (not a romance novel). But it is not romance in the love sense, it is romantic in the sense that it uses symbols for things in reality.
Romantic comedy is ridiculous, as is satire, and action/adventure. So that leaves the choice B. This really should have been a short essay question.

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    it is a romantic drama

  • the scarlet letter genre -


  • the scarlet letter genre -

    I am not so sure about a romantic drama because a drama is, according to the proper definition, a performance. I feel that the story is romantic, in both symbolism and love, but also a historical fiction, since there is not real evidence that Hester, Roger, etc. existed.

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    for me its b, coz the treatment of the protagonist came really to be felt, not a,c or d coz it tackles about the "sin" made by the 2 characters and it is oppositely to be that my othr opinion this story was made to fight against the government..try to understand the story between hester and the ministers there are some changes made just to mke it grow...

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    yepp its b:) for sure

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