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a moving object collides with an object initially at rest. is it possible for both objects to be at rest after the collision?
can one of them be at rest after the collision? is it possible to have a collision in which all kinetic energy is lost? explain each answer and if yes to any of them, give an example

question one: no, because kinetic energy transfers after contact
question two: yes, because if an object is motionless, then a moving object transfers all its kinetic energy to the motionless object, then the previously moving object would stop and force the other previously motionless object to continue in its place.
for example, when a penny hits another penny at the bottom of a stack of pennies, the lower penny continues in place of the penny now at the bottom of the stack.
question three: no for the same reason as question one.

I think it the problem is momentum conservation, not KE conservation. KE can be conserved by not transfering motion, but heat.

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