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Why can't the slope of a line be expressed as a decimal or a fraction?

The slope of a line should be expressed as a fraction. The formula is Rise over Run. Rise is how much further up u go and run is how much further across do u go. Does that answer your quetion?

My math teacher gave us the assignment to explain why the slope of a line can't be expressed as an improper fraction or as a decimal. I couldn't find anything in the the math textbook for this explanation.

It CAN be expressed as a fraction or decimal.

My math teacher gave us the assignment to explain why the slope of a line can't be written as an improper fraction or as a decimal. I can't find anything in my textbook explaining this. Is this a correct statement?

I don't understand why it can't be a fraction or decimal; however, I am not a mathematician. Perhaps there is some reason. I searched on and found the first two sites listed examples in which the slope was a fraction. Here are the two sites. (Broken Link Removed)

Thank you for all your help.

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