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My writing assignment is to write an essay on "anything that is significant expressed in a claim". I am to write an argumentive essay about something significant-said in a claim. Such as: Our government needs to establish a health care plan that addresses the needs of all Americans because there are too many people who do not have access to any health care or medication. My question is-- should I narrow down the topic by writing only about seniors?

Although there are always people in any group who do not have decent access to health care, seniors (as a group) probably are better taken of than some other groups, mostly because of Medicare and various medigap coverages. If you're going to target a particular group, how about young single mothers or immigrants or any other group you want to name who have two or three part time jobs (no benefits) instead of a full-time job with decent benefits. All this is generalization, but there are groups of people in our country who have it worse than seniors.

Other teachers may give you differing opinions. That's good! That tells you that you are onto a good "claim" because it IS something that can be argued!


As a former teacher, I had great benefits when I worked and I have great benefits since I retired. The state has changed some things about the benefits (mostly the cost) that I am not too happy about but I an treated very well compared to many in our society.

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