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need help solving these problems. I tried but my teacher did not teach it to us so it is very difficult for me. Thanks.
"Projectiles launched at an angle"

1. A golfer can hit a golf ball a horizontal distance of over 300 m on a good drive. What maximum height will a 301.5 m drive reach if it is launced at an angle of 25.0 degrees to the ground? (Hint: At the top of its flight, the ball's vertical velocity component will be zero.)

2. A baseball is trhown at an angle of 25 degrees relative to the ground at a speed of 23.0 m/s. If the ball was caught 42.0 m from the thrower, how long was it in the air? How high was the tallest spot in the ball's path?

3. Salmon often jump waterfalls to reach their breeding grounds. Starting 2.00 m from a waterfall 0.55 m in height, at what minimum speed must a salmon jumping at an angle of 32.0 degrees leave the water to continue upstream?

4. A quarterback throws the football to a stationary receiver who is 31.5 m down the field. If the football is thrown at an initial angle of 40.0 degrees to the ground, at what initial speed must the quarterback throw the ball for it to reach the receiver? What is the ball's highest point during its flight?

I know that number 2 is 2.0 s; 4.8 m and that number 4 is 17.7 m/s; 6.60m but I don't know how to solve and show my work.'s not that hard, think about the final velocity for the salmon fish..

i need help on these also

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