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ethnicity class

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I need help to finish responding this question and also if someone will tell me if i'm going the right way.

the question is:Consider racialimbalances in education,the economy,family life,housing,criminal justice,health care,and politics.Of these societal challenges facing modrn african americans,which do you think are most difficult to overcome,and why?
Suggest some ideas for solutions to such challenges.

My answer:

Overall mostly in all points i believe that african americans have difficulties because of stereotype and because they are viewed as lower class, without education etc. Some ideas that i would say well its really what i believe african americans are trying to do is to show everyone that them also are humans beings and they do have brains for life. Most of all i just believe that america should just realize that africans american are humans too.

You are writing nonsense. Reread the question, and reread your answer. You did not even come close to answering the question. Which are the most difficult to overcome, and why? What is the solution to these challenges?

I would say the housing and the criminal "Justice" system are the hardest to overcome the effects of. Happy writing :D

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