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The question asked is: Using yur results as a guide, comment on the purity of the material in the green and yellow bands. (from a TLC of spinach extraction pigments.)

I'm not quite sure what they want here and my plate is in the lab, not here. There were yellow and green bands in the column but other colors showed up during TLC development. Apparently some additional components aside from the yellow and green ones can result from air oxidation, hydrolysis, and other chemical reactions.

Is this what they are looking for?

Thanks from Sheryl

There shouldn't be any air for oxidation to occur and unless water was used as a solvent (which isn't probable) I don't see how hydrolysis could occur. I don't know what they want either since spinach, while composed of several components, is pure spinach unless it is diluted with something. Spinach and lettuce, prehaps? :-)

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