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What is a palindrome that means excitement.
What is a palindrome for Old cats who are forgetful (2 words)
What is a palindrome for a hippie with no name (what would he say?)
A palindrome for intelligent male sheep (2 words)
What is a palindrome for celebrity rodents?

Palindromes read the same forwards and backwards.
The only ones I see right off are
smart rams
star rats

how many palindromes are there in the 3 times table list them

smart rams
pop or DAD : for the hippy
Senile felines
Rats' Star

Thank you but the hippie one is three words. Thanks for the other ones.

This is what I found at palindromelist. c o m for the hippie one.

Name no one man.
Name none man.


  • Palindromes -

    The hippie one could also be
    Name Me Man

  • Palindromes -

    very old kitties

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